You know when you walk into a store & you see the shoes you've always wanted? Maybe they didn't exist. Maybe they were on back order. I DON'T KNOW!?!?!  BUT HERE THEY ARE! And your first thought is I don't even have to try these on. I am going to buy them no matter what. You get home. You slip them on. You hate them.You hate them so much that you literally can't get back to Nordstrom fast enough to return them.  Only to fall in love with another pair of Toms.TOMS?!?! I mean let's face it....... Day in and day out we just all want comfortable shoes. We don't want to cram our toes. We want space for these feet.

Finding a photographer can kinda be the same thing.

So you might wanna try me on for size? You might think I am your dream pair of shoes. Your drawn to the idea of loving the messy, but in reality you want everyone smiling at the camera. And I get it. But that's not me. I tried to be that photographer for a very long time until one day I realized that just was not ever gunna be me.

The shoe does not fit AND that's OK. There's another pair of shoes out there for you. Your perfect photographer is out there, girl. Go get 'em.

So if you don't mind things being less than perfect and you're into that inappropriate humor thing. Book me. & then let's be friends. Let's have a drink. Let's talk about how hard being a parent is. Let's talk about all the stuff.  Let's talk about how life is messy. Let's talk about how cool we thought THE REAL WORLD WAS? *RIP MTV*

I love raw & authentic people. So if you do too..... You're my people...Let's plan your session.